11 marzo 2005

What about software patents?

European Parliament is going to approve a law that allows patents registration for software. This opens a quite dangerous scenario because in this way big industries will have the possibility (economical of course) to ask for patent for software and parts of it obligating people to pay for it, even to use a small part. In a few words even the way a software does something (a particular function, a way of controlling some data) will be patented.
The problem is between intellectual property and author right, the OpenSource world says that the author property must be recognized on the whole software but internal parts must be free and freely usable, quoting the source and of course the author). This way of thinking it's for sure a less earning solution but encourages people to invent and create every day something new and something better.
Big software industries will have a lot of advantages over small ones due to bigger money availability and will lead to an "oligarchy" in which only few BIG have the power and the other will lost possibility to invent, create, develop and will close up in a few months. This means a lot people without job, this means higher software prices, this means lower quality software and lower security. Linux will die under the bills of this and that royalties.
It seems that, one time more , Europe had the possibility to take some advantages from U.S.A. in software field, but one time more MONEY has been powerful.
I'll go on supporting LINUX as long as this could be possible...

Go LINUX! GO!!!!!

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