10 febbraio 2005

Linux addicted

My job takes about all my time, the rest is for hobbies, soccer, friends and girls.
But this post is dedicated to Linux OS. I discovered it 4 or 5 years ago and suddenly my PC passion became stronger and stronger, it has all I ever dreamt when I was a child. It has complexity and simplicity all together, windows and command line as desired, infinite compilation and double-click installation, it can follow my mood day after day.
No matter the distribution you choose, no matter the color of your skin, your language, your smell, it's open-minded, open source, open to your fantasies.
But a lot of people doesn't think so, diversity is good, everyone can have is own thoughts but business likes to delete personal ways of thinking and Linux doesn't want to follow this unwritten law.
These are a few lines directly from my heart, written from a non-linux Pc but even after all it knows I love him and I'm faithful ;-))


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